A 100 word essay delivered 3 times a week. Musings on life, culture, and faith by two parents trying to figure it all out.

A farewell request

Published: Thu, 01/25/18

// January 25, 2018 Moving over The 100-word emails were a 2017 project to work together with Lindsay to write regularly. We did it! Then we turned…

Look around you.

Published: Mon, 01/15/18

// January 15, 2018 Idea + Time = Reality 100 Words isn't a lot so I won't waste a single word.... once I begin. BEGIN. If you're inside at the…

Youth Mentoring

Published: Thu, 01/11/18

// January 11, 2018 Being a Big Brother A comment I heard on “social justice”: justice is wishing for other people’s children what you wish for your…

The Final 100

Published: Sun, 12/31/17

// December 31, 2017 Signing off Today marks the end of the year of 100 word emails. Thank you for consistently opening and reading along the way. If…

Eternal Optimism

Published: Fri, 12/29/17

// December 29, 2017 It’s All Good I head upstairs each night with a little one in my arms and optimism in my heart that she will sleep. Each night I…

And then there were 3

Published: Tue, 12/26/17

// December 26, 2017 It's been too long Wow, the final week of the year. We've struggled to keep up the pace with shipping these emails the last few…

The 5 most important spices

Published: Sat, 12/09/17

// December 9, 2017 Which ones are in your life? Motivational speaker Jim Rohn is credited with saying "You're the average of the five people you…

Not forever 21

Published: Wed, 12/06/17

// December 6, 2017 And Also not Ann Taylor This week I’ve been trying to find something nice to wear to Michael’s holiday party. I tried shopping…

Practice Gratitude

Published: Wed, 11/22/17

// November 22, 2017 The lie of “more” Let’s not get consumed with consuming. ‘‘Tis the season?” Right? But let’s try to not get caught up in all…

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