I screwed up

Published: Mon, 11/06/17

// November 6, 2017

Failed but not a failure

Each year I set annual goals. I wrote about that 111 emails ago! Now's the time of year where I begin to reflect back and plan for the upcoming year. 

I have something to admit... I've failed to accomplish most of the goals I set, and there isn't a chance to turn that around before the end of the year. As I think ahead to next year, I'm considering trying something new for me; quarterly goals.

You see, I've accomplished a lot this year, just not all of it was established by January. Here's to better focus for next year.

​​​​– M
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There's a new meditation app I recently downloaded. Maybe this will be the ticket to get me to slow down and create more space. A goal for Q1 2018?

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