Foolish Confidence

Published: Tue, 11/14/17

// November 14, 2017

Canoe Mistakes

Two summers ago, my parents invited us to a lake house for a week. Michael was able to come for the weekend and took us on a great canoe ride. Monday morning came, and Juniper, then two years old, wanted to go again. Fully confident, we set out. 20 minutes later we were both in the water with a flipped canoe. We weren’t far from shore and a fellow boater helped us home. 

I’ve found this happening- being over confident in my abilities. It’s a bit deflating. I’m trying to keep confidence in my abilities and determination to figure out everything else. 

​​​​– L
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I should have read this first:​​​​​​​

(And I would add a 5th tip: don’t bring a wiggly toddler who wants to put her hands in the water.) 
Michael & Lindsay Smith